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1.6 gallon hand sprayer

Coverage: This 6.5 liter hand pump sprayer is designed to be used to spray isolated exterior and interior areas at low volume.

2 X 20L : 10% Off

From: 142.20$
Buy 2 x 20 liters (soap or degreaser) and get 10% off!

4 X 20L : 15% Off

From: 268.60$
Buy 4 x 20 liters (soap or degreaser) and get 15% off!

Foaming cannon

The Cicochem foaming cannon joins all standard pressure machines with ¼ inch nozzle. (Quick connect) Shipping: $ 7.50

Polypropylene pump for product barrel

For 200 liter barrel CICOCHEM products Light weight, easy to use - high quality engineered plastic provides excellent chemical resistance. SOAP, DEGREASER, CICOCHEM ACID in barrel format Shipping $ 7.50

Pressure sprayer (viton seal)

BPA-free plastic bottle fitted with a pressure sprayer with Viton O-ring. Ideal for the application of Cicochem products either the effective application of solvent, stripper, parts cleaner, Big Blue & D orange degreaser Size: 1.42 liters (48 ounces) Shipping $ 7.50

Truck brush


This general purpose cleaning truck brush is ideal for trucks and hard to reach places, it ends with a universal standard tip.