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Cleaning products for macons and briquelayers

You are a bricklayer or masonry business owner: This cleaning product guide is for you! Are you looking for powerful acid cleaners and degreasers that are more effective than those available on the market? Do not search anymore! Cicochem degreasers and cleaners succeed where other products fail! Recognized for its customer consulting expertise accumulating more than 25 years in mobile washing and development of cleaning products, CICOCHEM also offers unparalleled customer service.
We have products designed for the specific needs of bricklayers here:
  • CICO-136: Cleans and revives brick;
  • CICO-136: To remove excess mortar from equipment and tools;
  • CICO-215: Unclogs accumulated dirt on the brick;
  • TOP CLEAN degreaser for degreasing your vehicles.

To remove excess mortar from equipment and tools and to give your masonry projects a finished look.

CICO-136: Cleans and revives brick.

Cico 136 is an ultra-effective cleaner for cleaning and reviving the color of all brick and concrete surfaces such as paving stones, sidewalks, slabs, steps and in-ground pools. This acidic cleaner is very effective in removing stuck-on concrete residue, rust, limescale, mould, black stains caused by leaf oxidation and soil. It dissolves stubborn stains and revives the color of materials. Our calibrated formula is fast, safe and effective.

CICO-215: Unclogs accumulated dirt on the brick

This product effectively cleans aluminum siding, gutters and brick. It will act in depth to clean and remove black streaks, moss, efflorescence salt deposits on brickwork and dirt accumulated on building facades.

High performance degreaser for your vehicles.

In a single operation TOP CLEAN degreases and leaves a superb glossy finish without leaving marks or dark circles.



In a single operation, TOP CLEAN degreases and leaves a superb glossy finish without leaving any marks or dark circles.


Superior quality. Unmatched Power.


Whether you are a mobile washing company, a transport company, a farm, a breeder/producer or a dealer or rental agency we have the product pump assembly you need.

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